The Choir gives annual performances on tours in foreign countries. The Choir toured with great success in Italy (1990, 1991, 1997), France (1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1998), Great Britain (1992, 1994, 1996), Germany (1995, 1997), Sweden, Norway (1994), Switzerland, Poland (1995), Greece (1998). Children's Chamber Choir "AURORA" conducted by G.Kozlova is twice prize winner of some prestigious European choir competitions, such as "Concorso Polifonico Internationale Guido d'Arezzo" in Arezzo (Italy) - 1st prize and gold medal in 1997 and 2nd prize and silver medal in 1991;
    "7th Athens International Choir Festival - 5th
    nternational competition" in Athens (Greece) -
    The repertoire of the Choir comprises the church music by Russian and European composers (O.Lassus, A.Lotti, Arcadelt, Caccini, G.Pergolesi, D.Bortnianskey, S.Rakhmaninov, P.Chesnokov, etc.), Russian and European classical and romantic music (J.Bach, J.Brahms, D.Rossini, H.Wolf, P.Chaikovskey, N.Rimskey-Korsakov, S.Rakhmaninov, etc.), 20th century music (B.Britten, D.Milhaud, A.Carter, T.Medec, A.Ashpay, V.Rubin, I.Elcheva, I.Kozlov, etc.). Folk songs adaptations and popular music are included in the Choir's repertoire also. The Choir's pianist - Natalia Khoreva. The Choir's president - Igor Kozlov.

  • I 1st prize and golden medal in 1998. Also the Choir took part in the musical festivals such as "Fimi" in Belfort (France, 1995),"Eurotreff" in Wolfenbuttel (Germany, 1995), " III Festiwalu Sztukizwiazku Miast Baltyckich" in Szecin (Poland, 1995), "Ostsee-Choirfest-97" in Flensburg (Germany, 1997), "Concordia Vocis" in Cagliari (Italy, Sardinia, 1997) and was rewarded by festival diplomas. The Choir was also awarded by the UNICEF diploma for concerts in Italy in 1990. The Choir has favorable newspaper reviews and articles in various countries.
  • The Choir was recorded by St.Petersburg Radio and TV, BBC TV (Newcastle, Great Britain), North Germany Radio (Hamburg, Germany). The firm "Melodia" in St.Petersburg issued the record of the Choir. Some songs from the Choir's repertoire were recorded on CD at the festival in Flensburg and competition in Arezzo.

    Galina Kozlova is the permanent director of the Choir from its foundation. She's graduated from St.Petersburg conservatory (prof.N.Romanovskey class). She lives in St.Petersburg and directs several children choirs.
    The Choir's pianist -
    Natalia Khoreva. The Choir's president - Igor Kozlov.

    If you are interested in our choir, which performs in many countries with a success, we would like to ask you to organize our concerts in your country. We are open to cooperate with concert organizations, churches, educational organizations, choir festivals or competitions. Also we are looking for sponsors. We hope to find people who were capable of helping talented children from Saint Petersburg.

  • Contacts: 193015, P.O.Box 118, St-Petersburg, Russia.
    Tel./fax: (812) 271-98-76 phone/fax

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